How high is high? Pole' pole' my friends...
Steve Lombardi
03/02/2006, Africa

After sending that first post I noticed it had a misspelled word in the title. Blame it on hypoxia. I apologize for the spelling. This is my third trip back to Africa and Kilimanjaro so there is so much more to report that I could go on for a long long time but right now is the lion feed. But before I go, Jamie took this image and it's really a solid piece of work. Not me but the mountain peak. As promised more later but those lions are hungry and so allowing Dan and Scott to get thinner is not a good thing when you're as slow as I am. Onward we march...... Steve

Karibu from Nairobi
Steve Lombardi, raining....
03/02/2006, Nairobi, Kenya

Hello to everyone. A climber with access to the manager blog? I'm thinking Jamie may need some O2's after this experience. We are all feeling pretty good this morning, having had a big breakfast, said our goodbyes to Goodluck, Goodwin and all the other porters and friends we've made in Tanzania.
But onward we must march. Check again tonight because shortly we depart for a game preserve to feed Scott and Dan to a lion or two. And then we'll be back here to sit, rest, relax and take in what we have accomplished. We are a great mix of personalities and later today I will post photographs of the group along the way. For now here is a summit photograph. Jambo' from Babu! PS. Dan sends his love to Donna, Scott to his girlfriend and I too Barbara.....

Back Down
02/28/2006, Arusha

Sorry for the delays.... All good, healthy and happy to report all summited. We went for the top the day before yesterday at 12:30 AM, weather went incredibly downhill so I turned us around. Woke at 0800, sun was shinning so I decided to give it another go. All the guys were doing well all the way to the crater rim, once we arrived 5 hours later a short 50 minutes to the summit and it was all smiles. A little hypoxic but all happy as could be.

We descended to Barafu to be meet with smiles from the porters, just in time for tea and dinner. It was fast to bed for the guys and myself.

Yesterday we descended to Mkea camp under cool temps and nothing but relief at such a great accomplishment. Fell asleep under a wonderful Kili sunset and stars abound.

This AM we woke and descended all the way to Mkea Gate, loaded the truck and made a mad dash to showers. Once I have a minute to update more, I'll make a good posting, until then were all happy, safe and ready for a great meal.


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