La Grand Bornaud
07/04/2007, France

In La Grand Bornaud France, a stage for the Tour De France which comes though in 2 weeks. I'm here to climb though, and it's good. Long limestone cliffs of incredible quality. I find the region and options incredible abundant, from Via Ferrata to long sport routes. Hiking is incredible, not to mention the famed Reblochon cheese specific to this region of Haute Savoie.

That's it today...

Last post for winter and spring
06/01/2007, Colorado Springs Colorado

This wil be the last post for a bit. Were scheduled to get the new website online next week, baring any major problems. Right now were in the final stages of the Pikes Peak Alpine Schools site, and SEI will follow later.

Our blog will remain on both, but have a new look as well. I'm ready for it to be complete.

Currently were on hold for opening up on Glen Cove as the weather and temps don't allow it quite yet and its still a little early.

Personally I've needed a bunch of time off anyhow from guiding after my bad case of Bronchitis on Denali. I'm on the mends but its been slow.

Enjoy the first days of summer...

All the best.


Well fed!
05/24/2007, Anchorage

Tagged the summit of Denali 4 days ago under magically calm, clear and windless conditions. How does one treat a reward such as that? You can't it was perfect in every regard.

It was a well earned summit, all the guys worked hard for this summit, it's not a freebie, it's a hard effort managing the drive, will and desire to continuously freeze your ass off, be uncomfortable, and face odds that are strongly stacked against you. We pulled it off in great time as well.

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