Well fed!
05/24/2007, Anchorage

Tagged the summit of Denali 4 days ago under magically calm, clear and windless conditions. How does one treat a reward such as that? You can't it was perfect in every regard.

It was a well earned summit, all the guys worked hard for this summit, it's not a freebie, it's a hard effort managing the drive, will and desire to continuously freeze your ass off, be uncomfortable, and face odds that are strongly stacked against you. We pulled it off in great time as well.

Denali Summit
Shawn Connor
05/20/2007, Denali, West Rib Route

Just recieved a phone call from Jamie on the way down from the summit (20,320'). According to Jamie, it was beutiful day, blue skies, calm winds. He states everyone is excited and very happy. Now begins the other half of the trip, the way back home. Congratulations!

17,000' camp
Shawn Connor
05/19/2007, Denali, West Rib Route

Received another update a few hours ago. The climbing team is at the 17,000' camp right now. High winds are preventing them from reaching the summit. They are going to wait for the winds to calm down and hopefully provide them with an opportunity for a summit push. Everyone is doing well and are in good spirits. Not much else was said as this was a message left on my cell phone. Hopefully, they will summit in the next few days. That's about it for now. Stay tuned for updates as I receive them.


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