Almost there
02/25/2006, Barufo Camp

Jamie, Dan, Scott and Steve climbed through a wide range of weather today, copious rain followed by snow, to arrive at the high camp, Barafu Camp, at approximately 15,500 feet. Each climber is in good health, happy, dry and resting for their summit push tonight. At 11:30 PM, they will wake up, get ready, and be walking by 12:30 AM. The goal is to be on the 19,340 foot summit 6 - 7 hours later. I imagine that the sunrise is more than spectacular from the height of Kilimanjaro!

There will likely be no webcast tomorrow, but Jamie should be off the mountain and able to post a webcast on Monday. You can look forward to hearing from him about the summit day and more detail regarding the specifics of their journey.

Until next time,

Pressing onward
02/24/2006, Barranco Camp, Kilimanjaro

This update is a short one as, unfortunately, some of it was muddled and broken-up in the transmission from the satellite phone. It's amazing how clear the messages can sound, but at the same time, he is calling from Kilimanjaro in Africa!

Today the climbers achieved the Barranco Camp at 12,800 feet on the Western edge of the Western Breach route. Everyone's health is holding up well although there are some headaches. All are tired after a long day of climbing. Jamie mentioned that they are experiencing the first rain since they've been on the mountain.

A day of rest
02/23/2006, Shira Plateau

Today has been mostly a rest day, hanging out at 12,500 feet at the Shira Plateau. After a short hike, they have been taking it easy, resting lungs and legs, sharing stories and generally having a great time. I picture Jamie, Dan, Scott and Steve lounging around a campfire roasting marshmallows for s'mores and telling tales; although, I'm certain it's not quite like that, at least not the marshmallow part! Or maybe marshmallows ARE on the menu?! All are healthy and will enjoy spectacular views tomorrow while hiking 4 - 6 hours to the Barranco Valley Camp over a scenic 14,200 foot pass.

More tomorrow!

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