Summit and return
05/15/2007, Denali

Shawn here from the office... Jamie called today to let me know that they summited Denali the other day. The weather has been a factor during this trip. But apperantly, they had a break in the weather that allowed them to summit and return safely to camp.

Presently, they are at the 14,000' camp waiting on the weather to break so they can get back down the mountain and start the trek home.

Everyione is in good health, except Jamie. He developed a case of bronchitis at the beginning of the trip and has been following him during this trip. Good job on leading this trip while fight a chest cold at the same time.

We look forward to evryones safe return home so we can all hear the stories. I'll have Jamie update this log when he returns.


Denali, West Rib
05/06/2007, Talkeetna

Arrived in perfect weather to Talkeetna yesterday with the hopes of flying into base camp for Denali. The weather has come in and shut us down hard. Were still in Talkeetna, which in the grand scope of things has been fine. We've managed to sort food, go over technical systems, rest, eat, eat more and generally enjoy one anothers company.

Our team is myself, Austin Badeau as the assistant, Mike Glover and Jeff Kissell. the route is the West Rib of McKinley-a route I've been wanting to guide for a long time. It's technically more demanding than the West Buttress, a little more direct and something that will offer all of us plenty of excitment.

Were not scheduled to be off the peak for 3 weeks, so we still have plenty of time to sort things out with schedule and weather issues. In all it's been fun for me hanging out at the airport with all these great planes kicking around, watching them come and go, all bush planes, and all going deep into the Alaska Bush, it's great.

Were about to call it a day and sleep, something we all need before we climb. I'm probably not going to have much of a chance to do post while en-route, apologies in advance for that, but if I do get a moment we will.




I've thrown myself into rebuilding my garage, it will soon become our new gear storage area, and place for me to fianlly tune my own skis! It's been a blast, and great time as were in transitional weather at the moment. The new gear area will be a welcome addition.

We then begin building our kiosk for Pikes Peak which we place for the season the last weekend in April. Austin and I are also ramping up for Denali as well. All things considered it's been a fantastic spring so far and looking forward to warmer rock climbing conditions.


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