Jamie Pierce
11/17/2005, Colorado Springs

Snow has steadily crept into the mountains in this part of the US. I was out yesterday evaluating snowpack for the begining of our Avalanche courses. What I found was fairly good skiing snow, on terribly dangerous snowpack. It will be a good learning enviroment no doubt, but danger does loom in the backcountry.

If your intrested in an Avalanche course for 2006 contact us for dates (719-448-0800) or consult the SEI website. We will be offering 7 courses in conjunction with Colorado College.

Enjoy the snow and early season skiing.


11/15/2005, Colorado Springs

Enjoy these photos! Until next time. Jamie

This photo is of Dan Newbill, a long time client and friend this summer in the Alps, he's 74 going on 23.

Welcome to SEI webcast
Jamie Pierce
11/14/2005, Colorado Springs

Welcome to the SEI webcast for 2005 and 2006.

This will be a new item that we are utilizing to keep not only friends and family informed while were on expeditions but for the curious adventurer as well.

Look for the post to begin in Mid December 05 with our first trip of the season climbing Mt. Aspiring in New Zealand.

I then go onto Mt. Vinson in Antarctica, before heading off to Uganda and Kenya for several trips. Look for updates from team members as well.

We hope you like it, and please offer us any feedback you can through the main website.


Jamie Pierce

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