03/12/2006, In the middle of Africa...

I'm keeping this brief since I have to catch a shower and a plane.

We bounced our way back to Nairobi this afternoon under more sweltering skies. Seems as if another dry spell has hit and the temps reached nearly 95 degrees.

We summited Nelion on Mount Kenya, for Dan and I its been a long journey, and I was so proud of his effort. He also had a lung infection we did not find out about until he was down. I will get into details later, but it was a 24 hour summit day, we went slow but made good calculations on weather and progress, gauged it was possible and made it happen under a setting sky of gold to the West over the Aberdare mountains. It was truly incredible, we just needed to hustle...

The descent took almost 7 hours in the dark, the stars were with us, and at around 10:00 PM the moon popped over the East Face and gave us much needed light. Our headlamps were working but it was amazing how having a little nudge of light made things more clear.

It was all fine, and looking back a sweet summit that made me proud to guide such great folks. They made it a great trip.


Summit day!
03/10/2006, Nelion summit of Mt. Kenya

I am happy to report that Jamie, Dan and Michael had a long, but successful, summit of Nelion, Mt. Kenya yesterday! They reached the summit at approximately 4:30 PM after a long and involved climb. Everyone is tired, but happy, and in good health after an almost 24 hour summit day and nearly 15 rappels to get down. I hope that a hot tub and some well-deserved R & R are awaiting them. Congratulations guys!

Preparing to summit
03/08/2006, Austria Camp, Mt. Kenya

Jamie's message today was from the high camp, Austria Camp. He reports that everyone is doing well and that the weather has been good. Tomorrow, they will be leaving for the summit before dawn. Nelion, one of Mt. Kenya's twin summits that require technical rock or ice climbing, is the route they are traveling. Jamie said that he most likely will not leave a message tomorrow so there will not be a posting tomorrow. We will all have to wait in suspense to hear about the summit day!

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