Jamie "The Pitt" Pierce
S. Lombardi
03/02/2006, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa

Dirk is sleeping so I can write this before he wakes up. (Read it, copy it and disseminate quickly before he wakes and feels the need to delete it.)

Age: None of us are really sure. But we think under 35.

Marital Status - A Babe known only to us as "Dusty". Described by The Pitt as a Goddess from some country where she was sleeping melodiously along the Nile River when he met her. There is a rumor she may have had a role with Bogart, at Ricks in Casablanca. We just haven't been able to confirm the reports.

Home port - At times it's been the Drake Passage of the Bearing Straits with Captain Ron at the Helm making extra crispy French fries and teaching The Pitt the finer things of how to take constant wave motion. Once again... we're still checking. When landlocked he's hailing from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He's had relatives in Ankeny, Iowa believe it or not and his mother, another Barbara, this one Barbara Sue, hails from the Midwest along with his Dad.

Children - Two great step kids.

Employment - This again is a mystery to all of us that climb and mountaineer with The Pitt. But we have been debriefing other clients and The Pitt's attaché' each confirming he runs a company with the pseudonym, "SEI".

Personal Interests - Well, he doesn't worry about the Red Sox or the Patriots so who cares? Okay he's a mountaineer, a rock climber, a businessman, a husband, an extraordinary kind of guy that blies complete description.

Strengths - As many as he has weaknesses but once again he suffers not with us Red Sox Fans so who cares?

My Read On The Pitt - Jamie Pierce is a guy you'd love to climb with because he understands risk, is concerned about risk to his clients and appreciates the risk they take being adventureous. (Although out of focus, I've chosen this image, because it shows the focus The Pitt exhibits even when things aren't going just quite right.)

Steve 'Babu' Lombardi
S. Lombardi
03/02/2006, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa

Steve 'Babu' Lombardi

Age - 51 single and Barbara is my girlfriend. Four children - Talia, Stephen II, Nick and Carmino. Barbara's children are Shannon and Katrina. I have two grandchildren, Sienna and Mariah. Hi Mom! Hello to all and I send a big hug to my girls. Oops! Can't forget Oreo and Molly! Hi girls I'll be home soon to get those treat rations raised again.

Homeport - West Des Moines, Iowa. Grew up in Bristol, Rhode Island and Westboro, Massachusetts.
Diehard Red Sox and Patriots fan.

Employed - Lombardi Law Firm and Lombardi Commercial Real Estate Investment Services. I'm a civil trial lawyer licensed in Iowa and Florida and the United States Federal Court system. Now don't call me an ambulance chaser because that's not completely accurate. In point of fact I always arrive before the ambulance does; so technically I'm not chasing the ambulance it's chasing me.

Interests - Barbara, my children, Barbara's children, grandkids, photography, working out, a martini now and then, the Red Sox, the Patriots, mountaineering and meeting challenges that stretch my limits.

My Read on Me - I 'm just a very confused thirteen year old kid in a Babu's body who likes Mad Magazine, bull riding, English Premiere Soccer, good friends and describes himself as, A poor kid from Rhode Island just trying to find his way in the world. (Gosh, my bankers Paul and Ed hate hearing me say that.)

Scott ‘Zeke Junior’ Zannini
S. Lombardi
03/02/2006, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa

Scott 'Zeke Junior' Zannini

Age - 29 single. Carrie is his girlfriend.
Homeport - Atlanta, Georgia.
Diehard Red Sox and Patriots fan.
Employed - He's a head hunter for a company in Atlanta and his job is to locate IT professionals to work with the major software programs for independent companies. (Remember Y2K?)
Interests - Skydiving, working out, eating chicken, tuna and something I don't remember (pizza?), the Red Sox, the Patriots, travelling around the country attempting to see a baseball game in every major league baseball park before too long, his guy friends and girlfriend, mountaineering and meeting challenges that stretch his limits.

My Read on Zee Jay - I know Zee Jay personally because he is my Godson. (Thanks Barbara and Carmino) If, I were a young lady in the south and looking for Mr. Right; this one would be on my A-list. He's young, handsome, gutsy, a thinker, who is searching for who he is and where his outer limits lie before settling down. He will do it right when he is ready. But be aware if you're not a diehard Red Sox fan you won't be on his A-list. So Carrie my advice to you is to rent Fever Pitch and watch it over and over and over and over again. Like Catholics, Sox's fans know suffering. And if you don't know what Fever Pitch is you'd better call my sister Barbara in Florida. Or the Schaefer sisters at Iowa State University. Slow runners get tagged out.

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