Jamie Pierce
12/22/2005, Colorado Springs

2 weeks before I depart with clients onto the Antarctic continent. A trip that has one flying over the worlds largest bodies of ice and snow. A continent from the outside appearing void of life. Vast and remote, certainly a major undertaking, and exciting to say the least.

As I prepare for that expedition and several others this winter I wanted to extend a very Merry Christmas to everyone that tunes into our webcast.

We will be departing for the ice January 4th. This will be my 14th expedition. Look for our trip reports to begin around the 6th of January.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Back to skiing!
12/19/2005, Colorado

It's back to the very snowy Colorado now. Were ramping up for a Vinson trip soon, as well as a busy season of Avalanche education courses and ski trips.

Have a great Christmas and let us know if any trips you see intrest you. We have many great things in store for 2006/2007.

India climbing Mt. Shivlings West Ridge, Nov 2006.
Everest Base Camp June 2006
Alps summer 2006
Penninsula Antarctica 2007

And much, much more.


12/15/2005, Coast of Tasman Sea

Waded in the Tasman ocean, didn't want to leave at all. I found a non-descript road that seemingly led nowhere, perfect! I took it.

Ended up at the perfect spot, no other folks around but a beautiful field of green grass, some horses and this huge coast all to myself. Not that I was being selfish but at the moment, it was mine.

After I feed some inquisitive horses, I shoot off the slippers and headed for the waves, only to be turned back by numbingly cool temps. All the bravado and toughness won't get me in that water, so I waded.

Found some great rocks, loaded them up in my day pack, and made a call on the Iridium. Kinda weird no doubt, but it seemed sorta fitting at that moment.

Anyway here is the photo from today. If you've been following this trip, I really appreciate. I'll have the Sat-Phone back on line with the computer as soon as I get home, for now this other arrangment has been fine.

Soon I'll be back on Vinson, that will be true test of the systems, but I'm confident I'll get these bugs worked out. I'm a mountiain guide, not computer dude, so I have to cut some slack to myself, it's not easy sometimes figuring out these details on a trip.

Thanks and until Jan 7th or 8th when I begin the next web postings.

Drop me a line anytime with suggestions to this site, or anything for that matter.

Cheers Jamie

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