Addy Awards
Jamie Pierce
02/27/2007, Colorado Springs

A design team that has produced our winter climbing poster won a prestigious award this past weekend.

The Addy Awards is an advertising award for all marketing firms around the country.

Barnstorm creative based in Old Colorado City, and now Co-Pilot Creative won the award for the design of our "Winter Wonderland" poster.

Great job Miles and Greta.


Another fantastic trip...
02/25/2007, British Columbia

Such a great week I had in B.C....met some fantastic folks, and skiied incredible terrain. Main goals for me this week were simply work hard with Ruedi and gain more insight into not only his operation, but his style and leadership in complex terrain. It gave me such new appreciation for his hard work not only with regards to running the whole place, but guiding in such complex conditions. Avalanche danger at times was rather high, and frankly when it's like this-you learn more, as long as your looking out for it, he does and does it well.

Heading home.
02/24/2007, Calgary

Came out this morning from the Chalet with a fantastic helicopter ride. Had a great week with all the guest at the Chalet this week.

Yesterday we skiied over 7000 vertical, and took in some fantastic runs, it's been an incredible week.

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