Heading home.
02/24/2007, Calgary

Came out this morning from the Chalet with a fantastic helicopter ride. Had a great week with all the guest at the Chalet this week.

Yesterday we skiied over 7000 vertical, and took in some fantastic runs, it's been an incredible week.

TONS of SNOW....
02/22/2007, Durrand Glacier Hut

I never thought at any point in my life I'd say this but, it's true I really at times wish it would stop snowing. We have gotten so much new snow here it's incredible.

Honestly not a huge problem, but one that combined with the high winds is still keeping us in the trees, which is great, but the alpine or above tree line skiing here is so good. Avy danger is still fairly high, so were sticking to really conservative lines and not venturing into steeper terrain.

I've not had the chance to take many photos while touring, as were on the go non-stop, but here is one of the main chalet yesterday as we were coming back from our day.


Durrand Glacier powder, SME...
02/20/2007, British Columbia

Here with Ruedi and Nicoline Beglinger owners of Selkirk Mountain Experience in British Columbia training with Ruedi for an upcoming AMGA exam.

The snow is very deep, pristine beauty and incredible skiing. Conditions are fairly dangerous in the alpine regions of these mountains, buried surface hoar layers, really high winds and cold temps have not helped matters improve.

We have a great group here though this week and it's been really fun.

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