01/22/2007, Pikes Peak

Just finished another AIARE L-1. We had a really motivated group, great snow and prime conditions to learn in.

As we toured yesterday we saw snow exceeding 4 cm an hour at times, followed by really cold temps. Aside from that we are able to get in a great tour and day skiing on beautiful Pikes Peak.

If you've not already done it, look to our next AIARE L-1 Feb 2-4, space is limited to 14 guest.


Glen Cove avalanche
01/09/2007, Pikes Peak

A signifigant wind event this past weekend, followed by a large amount of snow has created one of the largest avalanches on Pikes Peak in nearly 30 years. The road is closed above Glen Cove.

I went up today to view the damage done by this massive slide located above Glen Cove at an elevation of 12,300 feet. It ran on an old wind slab, had a crown fracture of over 600 feet, a depth of 120 CM at it's peak, and ran over 1000 feet. It went over the road and down through forest just below the hair-pin turn. It took out most of the trees in the gulley just to right of the Rock Gardens. I will post an official avalanche observation as I create it.

Colorado Springs

A fantastic dump of new snow has infused the highcountry with much needed new snow.

Avalanche warnings are in effect for many of the areas outside of any control. Skiing of course will be good, limit it to safe areas of exposure, low angle terrain and watch out for terrain traps below, and "hang fire" from above, if in doubt, don't ski it...wait until its had time to settle. If you travel in the B.C. be prepared for any and all conditions, wear and know how to use an Avalanche beacon, carry a probe, and shovel, and be conservative.

Go to the Colorado Information centers website for more up to date information.


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