Fall time...

Were busy with the development of the new website, and much more. The transition into winter has been really beautiful this season here in Colorado. Loads of snow above 9000 feet, and the trees mainly Aspen's have been beautiful this year.

We will be kicking off the New Year with a great line-up of Avalanche courses, new ski tours and other great programs for winter.

We are still very busy guiding rock as the cool days and sunshine have helped extend the season.

Summer rock climbing

Rock climbing bliss...

Glen Cove
Jamie and raining like the Northwest!
07/20/2006, Colorado

Wow it's been hot! Not to mention the rain, we need it so not a single complaint...

We've been moving right along with the summer. Finished many great groups this week, some from as far away as Louisiana, and Rhode Island. Everyone is having a ball, not to mention getting some great climbing in.

Just loving the warm weather and long nights. Here is to great climbing.

Random photo, but it made us laugh when we looked at it today...

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