06/15/2006, Lhasa

Made it to Lhasa yesterday, and what an incredible flight it was. Approaching from the North we started to see Himalayan mountains out the windows, thus excitment shot up. When we landed we were landing at 12,000 feet in a Boeing 737 and below mountains, and final was a slow descent to touch-down.

We got out of the airplane and yep were at 12,000 feet, catch your breath and look up at glue skies.

Lhasa has changed a lot from the pictures in my head I had of Henrich Harrer walking in from India. The Chinnese have taken claim, and its apparent. On one side of Lhasa Tibetans live, and the other the larger Chinnese buildings, hotels and a more sterile apperance than I'd prefer.

The highway into town was just finished last year and not at all what I expected. Its all fine, as I was joking its certainly a new road, but the vehicles sure aren't. Funny contrast all around.

I've really not walked around much but will today as I make final preparations for my guest arriving tomorow.

I can't seem to get my photos to go through the email system as its s l o w! I'll keep trying.

06/13/2006, Beijing, China

In Beijing after a long series of flights. All in all everything has gone off without a hitch, even my bags arrived without any problems, that is always a huge relief.

I typically arrive a few days ahead of the guest to secure final permits and check out all logistics prior to sending off on a trip like this.

Tomorrow I fly onto Lhasa via Chengdhu, China and arrrive some 4 hours later in Tibet. I'm excited about this trip as its our first time leading a trip to Everest from this side of the mountain. One of the first things that makes it so nice is its drier on this side of the mountain than the Nepaleese side where the monsoon has begun. Our trip is a trek with the Thorne familly from Washigton D.C., and all arrive into Lhasa on the 17th. We plan on being in Lhasa for several days before heading out towards Everest. One of the major issues of course is resting and taking in all the various sights that Lhasa is famous for, as well acclimatizing to the high altitude. Tibet is one of the highest countries in the world, so health is a big consideration.

I'll begin posting photos later as I get them edited. Stay tuned.


Summer has arrived.
05/19/2006, Colorado Springs

Back from a long series of trips, couldn't be happier to welcome shorts and t-shirts.

Were all gearing up for a busy summer of rock climbing, and preparing for some great expeditions to Tibet and the Alps for this summer.

Drop us a line soon to register for one of our great programs.

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