Summit day!
03/10/2006, Nelion summit of Mt. Kenya

I am happy to report that Jamie, Dan and Michael had a long, but successful, summit of Nelion, Mt. Kenya yesterday! They reached the summit at approximately 4:30 PM after a long and involved climb. Everyone is tired, but happy, and in good health after an almost 24 hour summit day and nearly 15 rappels to get down. I hope that a hot tub and some well-deserved R & R are awaiting them. Congratulations guys!

Preparing to summit
03/08/2006, Austria Camp, Mt. Kenya

Jamie's message today was from the high camp, Austria Camp. He reports that everyone is doing well and that the weather has been good. Tomorrow, they will be leaving for the summit before dawn. Nelion, one of Mt. Kenya's twin summits that require technical rock or ice climbing, is the route they are traveling. Jamie said that he most likely will not leave a message tomorrow so there will not be a posting tomorrow. We will all have to wait in suspense to hear about the summit day!

Climbing Mt. Kenya
03/07/2006, Shipman's Camp, Mt. Kenya

It's Tamara back at the helm after a brief hiatus for a trip to Utah. Here in Colorado Springs, it feels like we've leaped into summer with 70+ degree temperatures. This should change tomorrow, however, as much needed rain/snow are forecasted.

Jamie sent a quick update this morning from 13,500 feet at Shipman's Camp on Mt. Kenya. All are well and plan to move up to the Austria Camp tomorrow. Weather permitting, they will summit 17,000+ foot Mt. Kenya on Thursday.

A few facts about Mt. is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa after 19,340 foot Kilimanjaro. Ancient tribe members who viewed Mt. Kenya from a distance thought that it's peaks resembled the plumage of an ostrich and named the mountain "Kirinyaga," a name meaning "the area of the ostrich." The name was pronounced differently as "Kiinyaa" by the people the first European explorers encountered. This became Mt. Kenya and the country was later named from the mountain.

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