Scott ‘Zeke Junior’ Zannini
S. Lombardi
03/02/2006, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa

Scott 'Zeke Junior' Zannini

Age - 29 single. Carrie is his girlfriend.
Homeport - Atlanta, Georgia.
Diehard Red Sox and Patriots fan.
Employed - He's a head hunter for a company in Atlanta and his job is to locate IT professionals to work with the major software programs for independent companies. (Remember Y2K?)
Interests - Skydiving, working out, eating chicken, tuna and something I don't remember (pizza?), the Red Sox, the Patriots, travelling around the country attempting to see a baseball game in every major league baseball park before too long, his guy friends and girlfriend, mountaineering and meeting challenges that stretch his limits.

My Read on Zee Jay - I know Zee Jay personally because he is my Godson. (Thanks Barbara and Carmino) If, I were a young lady in the south and looking for Mr. Right; this one would be on my A-list. He's young, handsome, gutsy, a thinker, who is searching for who he is and where his outer limits lie before settling down. He will do it right when he is ready. But be aware if you're not a diehard Red Sox fan you won't be on his A-list. So Carrie my advice to you is to rent Fever Pitch and watch it over and over and over and over again. Like Catholics, Sox's fans know suffering. And if you don't know what Fever Pitch is you'd better call my sister Barbara in Florida. Or the Schaefer sisters at Iowa State University. Slow runners get tagged out.

Dan Cannon Revisited
S. Lombardi
03/02/2006, Kili

This is just too good of an image not to post.... Troop 426 take a look at that shirt. At this level we are about 3,000 feet or more from the summit.

Danny Cannon ‘Big Jake’
Steve Lombardi
03/02/2006, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa

Dan Cannon is age - 46 married to Donna with two teenaged children, Derek and Jill.
Homeport - Londonderry, New Hampshire.
Diehard Red Sox and Patriots fan.
Employed - Comcast for 25 years. (Here let me give you his desk phone number so we can all complain about our rates.)
Interests - Hockey coach, Boy Scout leader with Troop 426, camping, mountaineering and meeting challenges that stretch his limits. (Troop 426 see his shirt in the photograph!)

My Read on Danny Boy - If we lived closer we could probably be fast friends and true friends. He's a solid New Englander with a strong sense of himself and whose word is his bond. He's not just a tough climber, but knows when to be tough and when not to be. He's affable, gregarious and adventurous. And he's a diehard Red Sox as well as Patriots fan. There are no better qualities could you ask for in a person. You picked well Donna.

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