Peary Centennial
Audio Update - 21 Apr
21 April 2009
Dealing with the Reality of Transpolar Drift....

On April 21 the team reported strong winds out of the North at 20-30 MPH and they decided to stay put until the wind dies. This means a little rest for the tired group, but also the loss of one day's travel which they will have to make up with extra effort in the next couple of days. When they last phoned in they didn't provide their position. Their next audio dispatch (the one posted here) tells us that the wind has died and they are about to depart for the final race to the Pole. They are a well-greased machine and they are quiet efficient and speedy when they are on the go. The only thing they can't control is the weather and the drift. To help make up for this, the team has shifted their schedule to allow for more time on the move, and less time in the tent. Check back soon for another dispatch from the team!