Peary Centennial
Audio Update - 23 Apr Day 51
Lonnie Dupre
23 April 2009
Day 51

It's morning of April 23 in Wilmette, IL, nearly half way from the North Pole to the equator. I'm not sure if this is day 51 or 52 for the team... it's hard to keep track of when they sleep and wake, and stop and go. What constitutes a day for them may be longer than a 24 hour period for us, or it may be shorter if they are stuck in their tent by wind and low visibility. What we DO know, is that early this morning they were on the move and they passed 89.34N. They were likely going to continue on for some additional skiing. No reports on weather conditions, but the drift to the south continues its maddening course. It's one of those uncontrollable factors that makes this type of expedition so frustrating, but also strangely appealing to the true adventurer. We'll add to the dispatch as soon as we have more information, so check back soon!