Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
Day 4: New YorkATHON
Eric Larsen
25 October 2019 | New York
We had a somewhat casual hike into Elizabethtown where we picked up some additional supplies for Gusâ??s feet and then veered west on 9 North toward the Giant Mountain Wilderness.

We are now where we are supposed to be (arenâ??t we always?)... Our original plan was to be hiking up from Westport today and even though weâ??ve been hiking on a road for over 40 miles, we were glad to not be hiking the additional 11 from Lake Champlain. Itâ??s a weird logic, I know, but thatâ??s where weâ??re at.

Even though we had a few (4.5 actually) more road miles to cover before the trail head, the narrower less traveled road combined with the looming mountains put some spring in our steps. It was exciting to be heading toward wilderness.

And when we finally got there the Giants didnâ??t disappoint. Immediately we were drawn in by a winding leaf-covered trail. For a while, it rolled along, barely discernible, from the surrounding terrain. After a mile, we began a long a steady climb to a stunning vista. Most of the leaves have fallen but it was still a spectacular view. On several nearby peaks long slabs

The trail itself is a unique combination of soft dirt, roots, and a few rocks - but less than I expected. In Colorado, every hike seems to be traveling over a continuous rock field. But here, the trail seems soft in comparison. Although both Gus and I had more than few mis steps.

While I donâ??t look at all my adventures through the filter of Colorado, I do find it interesting to compare how these areas are similar and different. I had never been to northern New York prior to this adventure so each step is a new discovery.

We ran into an older retired couple doing a short out and back. They asked where we were going and we replied, â??New York City.â?

â??Oh, that sounds fun,â? the man replied.

Please remember, giving back is also a primary goal of this adventure. Please help raise $5,000 to support NYC ICO adventures. Donations will go directly to their programming and can be made through the online fundraising page: https://www.classy.org/campaign/new-yorkathon-supporting-nyc-inspiring-connections-outdoors/c252861

Image: Ladies and Gentleman: The Giant Mountain Wilderness.
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