Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
Expedition/Project Name: Cycle South
Home/Base: Grand Marais, Minn.
The Team: Explorer, Educator
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09 February 2019 | Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba
Our last morning on the ice. Of course, while I'm excited to be heading home to see Maria and the kids, I can't help but feel a little sad about nearing the conclusion of another Level 1 Polar Training Course on Lake Winnipeg.
08 February 2019 | Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba
Unbeknownst to us there was an â??extreme cold warningâ?? while we were traveling yesterday. Windchills dropped the temperature to 40 below. For our part, we actually managed to stay quite comfortable while skiing, if not even a little warm.
07 February 2019 | Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba
The wind picked up steadily throughout the night and the temperature warmed up slightly to -4 Fahrenheit. The clouds cleared as well and for most of the day, we skied through clear skies and a sun that we could almost feel the heat from.
05 February 2019 | Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba
We woke up to a blood orange sunrise and temperatures that had dropped to -14 degrees Fahrenheit (-26 C) throughout the night. And even though it was the coldest it had been the entire training, the weather felt quite comfortable.
04 February 2019 | Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba
Another busy day on Winnipeg - or as the case may be... on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. However, the team has taken their first official 'expedition' training steps as everyone now camped on the ice. We actually spent the day in preparation mode, prepping and packing the food and meals we will be eating [...]
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