Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
-23 C overcast, snowing
25 February 2010
Just a short update as we're all running on no sleep and trying to get organized for the flight to Resolute, leaving in a couple hours. We arrived in Ottawa after our cross-country road trip - which was something of an adventure in itself. If you saw the tweets or listened to the audio, we had a few mishaps after leaving Thunder Bay. First we took a wrong turn and didn't realize it for nearly an hour. Realizing our mistake, we turned around but in the process lost two hours. Feeling a bit more urgent, Darcy "put the hammer down" and sometime later were stopped for speeding. Twice. Arrrg!

Our driving plan somewhat blown, we rolled into a small town in Ontario very low on gas at about 2:30 am. Not finding a gas station open (no surprise) and none with 24 hour pumps, we went to a local motel to ask where we might find gas. The motel owner gave us the name & phone of the owner of the gas station. He didn't want to come out and open the station, so we bribed him and he relented.

From there is was on to Ottawa where we met up with Antony who arrived from England. This is the first time we'd all been together. The website has been updated with Darcy and Antony's bios, have a look and get to know them. The next hours we spent reorganizing all the gear and trying to control the chaos and get us onward to Resolute. The next update should be from the arctic circle!

Picture: Darcy trying to figure out why we couldn't get any gas on a very chilly Canadian night.

The Save the Poles expedition is sponsored by Bing with major support from the University of Plymouth, Terramar, Goal0, Atlas and Sierra Designs.

Remember, it's cool to be cold. Save the Poles. Save the planet.

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