Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
Expedition/Project Name: Cycle South
Home/Base: Grand Marais, Minn.
The Team: Explorer, Educator
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13 March 2017 | Pacific Ocean
Hello from the empty row of my United Airlines flight from Beijing to San Francisco. It's the little things in long travel days that mean a lot especially since our total travel time from Ulan to Bator to Denver is over 40 hours.
11 March 2017 | Ulan Bator, Mongolia
After a terrible sleep in a Bayankhongor hotel, we packed up early and left for the long drive back to Ulan Bator - nearly 12 hours on a paved but pot-holed winding road.
10 March 2017 | Somewhere, Mongolia
When we stopped for our resupply 'J' had told us to stay to the left and head toward the lake once we were out of the canyon.
09 March 2017 | Somewhere, Mongolia
When we started out in Dalanzadgad, the Gobi was a big wide flat plain. Small grasses scattered the ground for as far as we could see. Mountains framed the horizon miles and miles in the distance. As we cycled, every day seemed a little different.
06 March 2017 | Somewhere, Mongolia
In polar travel, we are constantly mindful of keeping snow off of our clothes and out of our tent. Snow that gets on our gloves will eventually melt which makes our hands wet and eventually very cold. Same for the tent. Surprisingly, that same diligence is perfectly suited to here in the Gobi but instead [...]
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