The Voyage: Roz Savage
Quiz Results: How Do You Compare?
13 Nov 2008, Marylebone, London

Thank you SO much to all who took part in my quiz. The results were extremely helpful in determining the direction of the new website. I was pleased to find that most of the suggestions for improvements tallied exactly with what I had in mind - mostly around improved navigability, a "RozTracker" window, and increased emphasis on video, photo, and podcast media. I'm working on the new website spec right now, and hope to have addressed many of these issues before the next leg of my row - or hopefully even sooner.

Here are the headlines:

Q: How first brought you to
25% read about Roz in the media
28% came via the podcast (but also many in "Other" came into this category)
Remainder - various other ways and means.

Q: Which bits of do you use the most? (more than one response allowed)
40% Blog
18% Podcast
15% Photo Gallery
10% Videos
13% Twitter
2% Other

Q: Which, if any, of these do you subscribe to so that you receive content automatically? Choose all that apply.
15% Blog (Feedblitz)
16% Blog (RSS)
2% SMS Updates
9% Newsletter
20% Twitter
19% iTunes
3% Videos (YouTube)
9% Facebook
6% Other

Q: Why do you read Mark all that apply.
27% Inspiration/motivation
28% Adventure
19% Environment
8% Health and fitness
9% Technology
7% Other

Q: Would you find it helpful if the blogs, podcasts, etc on were categorized according to subject matter? e.g. separated according to whether they relate most to the environment / motivation / preparations for the next rowing adventure etc?
34% Yes
65% No

Q: Do you use different formats for different purposes? Maybe a podcast for inspiration in the gym, but prefer to read blogs about the environment so you can forward the link to friends?

This one gets a bit complicated, but basically it seems that most people like blogs, but podcasts and videos are also very popular - especially for the adventure.

Q: Do you agree with the following statements? (Again, complicated but the headlines are):
I can easily find what I am looking for on
62% Usually
I feel like I am sharing Roz's adventures
56% Always
I feel like I am missing out on some aspects of the story because I don't use all the multimedia options available
33% Sometimes

As for the free format suggestions at the end of the quiz, that was where it got REALLY interesting for me. Thanks to all those who took the trouble to give their feedback - all duly logged, noted, and heeded.

I really enjoyed reading these results, and there will be more quizzes to come in the future. Some will be about me and my site, some will be about you and your take on the environment, life challenges, technology, etc. All in all, I love your participation, and I look forward to more exchanges of information in the future.


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Pining For A Podcast?
08 Nov 2008, Marylebone, London

If you're finding your days just aren't the same without the occasional dose of Roz-and-Leo, I can offer you a little something for your auditory pleasure. It lacks Leo, so you'll have to make do with the less glamorous half of the duo...

This is my interview with Boyd Matson (pictured above) of National Geographic, recorded in Washington DC in October. Click on my name on the guest list, and then on the link to "Listen to this segment".


(Meanwhile, I am experimenting with my own podcasts. I'm consulting my bluffer's guide, as per usual. I've written the script. Now I just need to test out the technology - oh, and interview my special guest. Watch this space!)

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Hurrah for Amazon!
08 Nov 2008, Marylebone, London

At last! A big hitter is taking a stance against excessive packaging!

Who needs it? Who wants it? Why, when we've surely all suffered serious lacerations from clamshell packaging, or fought impatiently through excessive packaging to get to our new techno-toy, are we inflicting all this unnecessary environmental damage in order to... what? Make something easier to hang on a vendor's racking system?

Has the world gone mad?!

Thank heavens - an injection of sanity., the most visited website among the top 100 retail websites with 11.52 percent of the market (ahead of Walmart, Target, etc) has chosen to say no to wrap rage.

Click here to see more about this utterly sensible initiative.

Thank you, Amazon! Let's see other big vendors get on board.

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What Can Do For You?
07 Nov 2008, Marylebone, London

This website needs a revamp - I still like its look and style, but there is always room for improvement. But it is hard for me to look at my own site with an objective eye, so I've decided to do some market research, and I'd like your help.

I'm going to run a few short quizzes that will ask you what you like and don't like about my website, and how I can better deliver the kind of content that you want.

To show you how much I appreciate your feedback, the first 20 people to submit their responses will get a free signed photo of me and my boat rowing across the Atlantic. Not worth much now, but maybe a collector's item of the future!

Click here to answer my 10 Most Urgent Questions - it should take no more than 2-3 minutes of your time.

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