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Expedition/Project Name: Arrowhead 135
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03 February 2015
Leaving in two days. In the grand scheme of adventures I've done, this doesn't seem like the craziest, or even maybe the hardest (I think the first Arrowhead will probably always occupy those slots), but it will still be a bigger adventure. Heading up to the middle of Canada with the Explorer for a his [...]
24 November 2012 | Minneapolis
further to yesterday's post about winter riding, one of the major differences is that this year I'll be riding studded tires these are from local brand 45nrth.
23 November 2012 | minneapolis
new ride this year. without the arrowhead, a fatbike is less important than efficient around town riding. to that end, this Surly Cross Check will probably be my normal commuter.
26 February 2012
Here is my video from the Arrowhead.
09 February 2012
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09 February 2012
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