The Voyage: Roz Savage
Day 20: Recent Information
Rita Savage
31 Aug 2007

For some recent information click on Track and Weather on the tabs above. Rick Shema, otherwise known as Weatherguy, gives a daily report with very useful information. Some other data is still out of date due to the fact that we are not yet receiving all the electronic messages from the boat Brocade.

(Picture: Finding the Needle in the Haystack! Photographed from USS Momsen a few days ago)

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We Found Her!
29 Aug 2007, The Brocade

[photo: Eric's prediction of where we would find the Brocade, using the position updates provided by the MarineTrack beacon. Thanks to his prediction, when we spotted the Brocade on the radar, 5 miles away, we were already heading straight for her.]

Audio report from the White Holly with Brocade on board.

Also note that with the boat secure, we have re-enabled position reports & the map on the tracking page.

Thanks are due to all members of her support team and especially those responsible for expert and accurate tracking information, and to Rick (Weatherguy) for his prediction of suitable conditions for the rescue. Their reports are updated regularly on the website and can be found by clicking on the tabs above.

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A Message from the Blue Pacific
Roz and Rita Savage
29 Aug 2007, the White Holly

[photo: Roz on the bow of White Holly]

Roz has sent this audio message from the research vessel White Holly. The sound towards the end is not very good, but I think we can hear enough to get a good idea of what she is saying. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

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Out on the Ocean
Rita Savage
29 Aug 2007

On Tuesday evening Roz departed from San Francisco on a ship armed with tools and spares to repair the damage done to Brocade during the stormy weather she experienced last week. The weather is calm at present and hopes are high that before long they can find her boat and begin work on it.

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