The Voyage: Roz Savage
On The Move
24 Jan 2007, Seattle Airport, Washington

I am on the move again - off to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro. Altitude training may not be essential preparation for a very sea-level challenge, but it will be a good cardio workout and an unmissable opportunity to see the famous snows of Kilimanjaro before they are lost forever to global warming. It has been estimated that at the current rate of shrinkage the snows will be gone within the next 30 years.

And of course, ironically, by flying there I am doing my bit to hasten their demise... Air travel is the most environmentally damaging form of transport. Mea culpa.

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Happy Chris Maas!
22 Jan 2007, White Salmon, WA

After my highly enjoyable paddle on the Columbia River in a Maas boat last year, I wrote to the company to ask if I might be able to borrow a boat for training purposes. To my delight, they said yes.

So last week I went to their premises in a far-flung part of Point Richmond, north of San Francisco, to collect a brand new shiny Aero 21.

Doug Kidder, the boss man, proudly showed me around their premises. On the wall of their office was a photo of the company's founder, Chris Maas, surfing a sculling boat down a sizeable wave. These boats are built to last - although when it comes to ocean rowing I'll stick with Sedna. You could fit a few LaraBars in the hatch of an Aero, but not much more. Certainly not three months worth of food.

Quackers and I got a few strange looks on the 11-hour drive from sunny California back up to the snowy north. When I stopped for petrol a lumberjack gave the Aero a hard stare. "Sure is a funny looking toboggan", he muttered....

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Marathon Man Dean Karnazes
21 Jan 2007, White Salmon, WA

You may remember that last November I was due to run a marathon in New Jersey with Dean Karnazes - the 49th of his 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. Then a stress fracture prevented me from training and I had to miss the opportunity.

It seems I was fated to meet Dean anyway - he's an old friend of Eric's through windsurfing. So while I was in San Francisco, Dean's home town, we met up for a coffee (well, I had a coffee - Dean arrived in running gear and didn't partake - he probably doesn't sully his system with such toxins. I would have had a muffin as well, but after reading in his book that he had given up sugar, I was way too intimidated).

Looking remarkably fresh for someone who ran 1,310 miles in under two months late last year, he graciously signed my copy of his book and chatted for a while before running off to an appointment somewhere else. He did confess to being biomechanically blessed, but there is still something seriously intimidating about meeting an endurance athlete of his calibre. A true inspiration.

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Lots of Lovely LaraBars
19 Jan 2007, Woodside, near San Francisco, CA

The sponsored goodies are starting to roll in. A very welcome shipment arrived in Eugenia Lane yesterday - 450 LaraBars. A big Thank You to Humm Foods ('foods that make you go humm...') for their generous donation.

I discovered these fantastic bars when I was out the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City last year. I loved the Wholebake flapjacks and 9Bars that I took on the Atlantic with me last year (long faces when the last flapjack was gone), but I was looking for an American company to support me this time around. And when I happened by the LaraBar stand, I knew I'd found it.

The bars are totally natural, and none of them have more than six ingredients. Some of them have as few as two, e.g. the Cashew Cookie bar consists of just cashews and dates.

They have no added sugar, are raw and unprocessed, non-GMO, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free.

If only they had a calorie-free version for when I'm NOT burning 5000 calories a day, that would be perfect...

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