The Voyage: Roz Savage
The Last Poem - I Promise
26 Dec 2006, Leeds, Yorkshire

You will be relieved to hear that this is the last in my series of festive juvenilia. By Rosalind Savage, aged 7 and 11/12.

[I leave today to return to Mexico. Another 40+ hour journey awaits me, assuming that Heathrow Airport has been released from the death-grip of fog by the time I get there.]

Christmas Day

It's Christmas day. Hurray, Hurray!
Under the Christmas tree in bright array,
Are presents for you and me.

Oranges and pears,
Nice teddy bears,
All for you and me.

A big dolls house,
A clockwork mouse,
All for you and me.

Now Christmas day has gone away,
Just as I had feared.
No more decorations and games
But I don't mind because
There's another Christmas next year!

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Seasonal Silliness
25 Dec 2006, Leeds, Yorkshire

The next in my series of unfeasibly awful poetry, written by Rosalind Savage, aged 7 and 3/4.

Christmas Day

I woke up one morning feeling excited,
But I couldn't recall why I felt as delighted,
And then I remembered, it's Christmas Day!
We are going to have a party with games to play.

I looked at my stocking, it was filled to popping,
With lots of parcels and a pogo-stick for hopping.
I rushed downstairs, and saw the tree,
Underneath it were lots more presents for me.

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Happy Birthday To Me!
23 Dec 2006, Leeds, Yorkshire

Last night Mum and I were digging through old family photos because the YTV team wanted to include them in the documentary. We came across some achingly bad poems I wrote when I was about seven. I reproduce one below for your excruciation. Note totally random reference to a cow in the last line. I don't know, so don't ask.

And by the way, it's my birthday today. I'm 39, so I guess this is the last birthday I will ever own up to. I will now be 39 forever.

Christmas Shopping

I'm doing Christmas shopping,
My bags nearly popping.

Theres so many things to choose,
It really gets me quite confused.

I think I'll get some learning letters
No a farm set would be better.

I think I'll go and see the lights,
They really will be a delight.

I've got all the presents now,
So I think I'll go home, to feed the cow!

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Go Sophie!
22 Dec 2006, Leeds, Yorkshire

15 solo rowboats started out across the Atlantic on 19th November, racing from Saint Louis, Senegal to Saint Laurent, French Guyana in the Rames-Guyane Race 2006. Five have already retired from the race, but what really caught my eye is that the rower in second place, with just 775 miles to go, is a woman - Sophie Mace, aged 46.

Dammit - there go all my excuses about women being slower rowers. Only kidding. Fantastic effort, Sophie - go for it girl!!

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