The Voyage: Roz Savage
Day 101 When will Roz arrive?
Rita Savage
10 Mar 2006

10th March

Tomorrow, Saturday, I will be going to visit some kind friendly local people who will allow me to use their computer, and their binoculars if that seems appropriate. I can use Roz' laptop with a free internet connection at a bar/restaurant just down the road which is very convenient, but as you may realise, there is a problem with putting a picture on the dispatch. Also I need to move out before the evening customers start arriving.
It is 6pm here now, 10pm by Greenwich Mean Time, and Roz has about 71 miles still to go. The horizon from a hill is about 40 miles out to sea as far as I can remember. Maybe I won't need those binoculars until later in the day tomorrow.
Once again there is a slightly nail-biting situation - her present position is 16.56N, 60.42W. Some days ago Roz was too far south; then she was too far north; now she really needs to be going west, but just slightly north as well.
Realistically we think that Roz will arrive Sunday morning. If she pushes on too fast and gets here Saturday night there will be some disappointed people! The children from the Island Academy have been practising a song specially for her, with very appropriate words. They are prepared to wear their school uniforms on Sunday if necessary, to be ready to greet her. Many other people too are eagerly watching for news of her arrival.
Once again my grateful thanks for the many messages arriving conveying congratulations, hugs and kisses - for Roz, but also some kind words for me. I shall miss all of this when Roz takes over, but will really be delighted to have her back on the job. (I think that you will, too!)

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Day 100 The Tide is Coming In
Rita Savage
09 Mar 2006

9th March

The tide happens to be a flood of messages congratulating Roz on attaining the point where she is recorded as having crossed longitude 59.37, which was actually at 07.09 GMT on Wednesday 8th (her 99th day). Somebody has queried my use of 99 days, but I was taking that figure from the Atlantic Rowing Race website, which differed by one day from Roz' running total. Grateful thanks for the lovely messages that have been arriving.
Another message had the words "the sound you hear is my clapping" - it wasn't acutally what I was hearing, it was rain on the roof. So when David said that Roz would soon be on DRY land he was a bit mistaken, it is more likely to be a bit muddy!
Here on Antigua we were so hoping that Roz would get her mileage down to less than 100 to go today, but once again the weather is being unkind and the wind is proving less than helpful. She did do 22 today, so has another 110 to go.
Once again I am not sure whether I will be able to add a picture this evening or not. Watch this space.
Another sponsored mile: thanks to Rob and Cindy Owen with 2809 - she has now done 2821.

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Day 99 The Atlantic Ocean has Been Crossed!
Rita Savage
08 Mar 2006

Entrance to English Harbour, Antigua

8th March
Roz has crossed the Atlantic in fewer than 100 days! She has passed the magic longitude of 59 degrees 37 minutes. 135 miles to go to reach the Woodvale Race Finishing Line at Cape Shirley, Antigua.
There was a heartstopping moment this morning when those of us who check the race website found Sedna Solo totally missing. Whatever the cause she is now safely re-installed, along with the news that she has done 21 miles so far today. It is not yet 2 o'clock here so Roz still has some hours of daylight ahead of her. If she is out there on the deck rowing in this heat I feel sorry for her. I went paddling around the harbour in a kayak this morning and felt I needed to cover up as protection from the hot sunshine. I will try to add a picture to this site before I pack away the computer, but not having my own computer here, I am not too sure of how to do it satisfactorily. Apparently the last pictures that I added were rather large in number of bytes. The island is so pretty, it would be a shame if I can't do it. I am fascinated by the tiny hummingbirds, about the size of my thumb, with their shiny irridescent green bodies and swiftly moving wings.

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Day 96 A Place in Waiting
Rita Savage
07 Mar 2006

An empty space awaiting the arrival of Sedna Solo
in Nelson's Dockyard

7th March

If you were at all concerned about Roz' lack of progress over the weekend, then do take a look at the Atlantic Rowing Race website under the heading of News. Woodvale give a good explanation of what has been happening as a result of the weather.
Today Antigua is again hot and suuny, with the wind blowing in the right direction, and Roz is moving again.
Meanwhile here are a couple of pictures of the historic Nelson's Dockyard when the boat will eventually arrive. It will be a disappointment for the Island Academy if Roz does not arrive on a schoolday, as the parents have organised a rota of cars to get the children down to the harbour. Let's hope she can make it by Friday.

A shady spot for those who wait.

Meanwhile Roz is rapidly approaching longitude 59.37 which is the official mark for succeeding in crossing the Atlantic. The race finishing mile is more than a few miles further on yet. We await her arrival eagerly.
Meanwhile, thanks to those who are continuing to send kind messages to Roz and myself.

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