The Voyage: Roz Savage
Day 82 Another day of waiting . .
Rita Savage
20 Feb 2006

Monty at Southborough School

20th Feb.

Once again my grateful thanks to those who have sent encouraging messages today. Still no news of Roz. Probably we will need to wait until she arrives in Antigua.
It seems quite extraordinary that today I have received messages from three schools where the pupils are following Roz' voyage on the internet. We did know about Southborough Junior School in Hampshire, because they have sent Monty their mascot along with Roz on her boat. They have met Roz, supported her with a fund-raising cake sale, and have sent messages before. Then I received a message from the Island Academy in Antigua, and pupils there are hoping that Roz will arrive during school hours so that they can go to the harbour to welcome her in.
The third one was from Diane, Roz' cousin, who is a teacher at Eldwick Primary School in Yorkshire. She says that pupils and staff are following Roz' track and are all very proud of her. I wonder whether any pupils will be inspired to tackle something adventurous in their lives? I have already had messages from two female rowers who seem to be thinking of rowing across the Atlantic - solo, I wonder? Whatever will their mothers think! My advice: take plenty of duck tape and make sure your satphone keeps working.

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Day 81 Silent Sunday
Rita Savage
19 Feb 2006

19 Feb

Still no word from Roz, but the website shows that she did 39 miles yesterday and has reduced her distance still to go to 615 miles by 7.45pm (GMT) today, Sunday.
Last Wednesday when Roz did her dispatch she mentioned that her satphone can only hold 29 text messages. As we presume that the satphone is not working, there really is no point in trying to send her a text message. If or when it gets sorted out she or I will let you know! Grateful thanks to those who have sent me supportive messages through email via Roz’ home page.
It seems that communications are generally giving problems! The server for Roz’ home page of her website has not been functioning as it should. Therefore I am putting the details of her welcome home party here:
invites you to help celebrate her finishing The Atlantic Rowing Race
Thursday, March 23, 2006, 6.30-10pm, Drinks & Canapés
By kind permission of the Commanding Officer at The Royal Naval Reserve Unit
HMS PRESIDENT near Tower Bridge in London.
Featuring a Charity Auction in aid of The Princes Trust.
Tickets £50.00, payable to The Voyage, either via PayPal on
or by cheque sent c/o Rita Savage, 170 Tinshill Road, Leeds, LS16 7PN

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Day 79 No news.
Rita Savage
18 Feb 2006

Day 79

No news yet on this Saturday morning. As Sedna Solo is still moving, and moving northwards against the wind, I assume that the problem is with communications from the satphone. I will post an update as soon as there is some news.
Meanwhile here is another picture taken when she was visited by crew from HMS Southampton last Tuesday.
Thank you for your interest in Roz.

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Day 80: Waiting for News
Rita Savage
18 Feb 2006

La Gomera, the day the race started.

18 Feb

All day I have waited for the telephone to ring but Roz has not phoned. I have checked her progress on the Atlantic Rowing Race website times without number. Sedna Solo is moving, though the mileage on Friday and today have not been as good as the previous few days. One good thing is that although the wind is ENE and would be moving the boat south west, Sedna has moved a bit more to the north, towards latitude 17 where she needs to be to reach Antigua. This can only mean that Roz is working hard at clawing back the degrees south where the wind and waves had taken her. A good sign in more ways than one.
I do hope and pray that whatever the problem is with the communications that it can be overcome. Other boats have had similar problems and been out of touch for days. Anyone who has been following the saga of Ben Fogle and James Cracknell will know this was only one of the various problems with which they had battled.
The picture that I hope to add tonight was taken on the day that the race began, and clearly shows the Royal Navy sticker on Roz' boat. Members of the Navy have been very supportive and helpful, and Roz is proud to have them on her list of sponsors. On the home page you may have seen that the venue for the welcome back party to be held in London will be on navy premises. They are doing her proud!

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