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A letter of concern....
12 February 2007
"Global warming is a reality. It threatens both our society and life, as we know it on earth. The overwhelming consensus of the scientific community for the past decade has been that the planetary warming we are now experiencing, and the resulting climate change, is largely a human induced phenomenon......"

This is the start of the letter of concern that Will Steger and his team has posted on their globalwarming101 website. Starting on Tuesday Feb 14th we will be closely following their expedition updates as they begin an unprecedented journey to raise awareness on the issue of globall warming.

In March we will also begin the 2007 International Polar Year. We will be following expeditions with a focus on the impact of global warming. While we here at webExpeditions love adventure and exploration we feel deeply the need to continue to beat the drum of global warming if we hope to preserve the Arctic for future generations.

*please feel free to share urls to sites that we may not be aware of that would be good features for this series. either in comments or via email.