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Day 4: Trip to Everest Base Camp: Debouche
10/21/2010, Debouche, Nepal

In Debouche with Majestic Views!

After a 7 hours of very steep trekking from Namche, we (me, my Sherpa and porter) finally arrived at Debouche- a tiny village in the shadow of the Tebouche Monastery. The tea house we are staying at is comfortable by Nepali standards with majestic views of Ama Dablam, Nuptse and Everest. It's amazing how much more impressive the views get as I get closer to base camp.

While the views become more beautiful, I have realized that as we hike in further, the accomodations become a little less luxurious and more comfortable/simple. "Comfortable" means that hot showers are available but they cost 300 Rupies, which at today's exchange rate is about $5. Not bad until you realize that the shower is a cold room outside, with a little spigot jutting out of the wall, and with very little hot water spraying at you in the cold! And if your wondering about heating in the tea houses...it's non-existent. Period! And dont even get me started on the toilets! :)

Giving up some of the creature comforts I have taken for for granted my entire life is a small price to pay for being here. And I have definitely been staying warm with some key items I have with me. My Terramar Geo-Fleece base layers are ideal in this environment. And at night my Sierra Designs BTU 5 down filled sleepimg bag is working great.

Onward we trek with my new goal...going past Everest Base Camp to Kala Patar. At 18,100 feet, it is a lofty goal...and I can't wait!
-Mountain Cherry

Day 3: Trip to Everest Base Camp: Namche Bazaar
10/19/2010, Namche Bazaar, Nepal

Day 2: Trip to Everest Base Camp: Pakding
10/18/2010, Padking, Nepal

I feel like I'm 10 years old again! Every other word out of my mouth is "wow" or "awesome" or "amazing!" and I know that this is just the beginning! But not all is quiet in paradise as I found out at 2AM!

Last night I was sleeping in a tea house in Pakding, snuggled in my Sierra Designs BTU 5 sleeping bag and enjoying one of the most peaceful sleeps in recent memory. I was probably subconsciously allowing the waterfall outside my window to lull me into a false sense of security :) Suddenly I was awakened by a loud rumble and then a shake for about 15 seconds. A stark reminder that even paradise has it's perils. I went back to sleep hoping that mother nature wouldn't wake me again. It didn't :)

It's now morning, and I'm getting ready for the day ahead. Just put on my Thermawool/Thermadri Terramar base layer, Sierra Designs hiking pants and Scapra Barun GTX hiking boots. I'm ready to roll! Enjoying a bowl Sherpa porridge (for "stamina and energy" I was told) and am heading to Namache Bazaar. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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