Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
minus 2 degrees F
22 January 2008 | Thunder Bay, Ontario
Do you remember the episode of Seinfeld when Kramer gets an intern? Now, I'm not saying that I'm Kramer or anything, but some of my friends (on a few occasions) have inquired as to the daily 'rigors' of my job.

Honestly, part of my job is really easy. I set my own schedule. I get to be outside for a big chunk of the day working out. But don't get me wrong, I'm a very busy guy. There are a wide variety of tasks that need to be completed to plan and mount a major expedition. But its exciting, each time I check email, there is some new and unique problem to solve. Believe it or not, its tough as one person to get all these things done.

Enter Nick Sweeting, burgeoning expeditioner, college student... Canadian and all around good guy. Nick contacted me a few months ago and asked if he could help out. It seemed he need a 'practicum' for his college course work and felt that helping Save the Poles would be the perfect fit. Nick figured that he could learn more about the expedition world, finish his college education and plan his own expedition all at the same time. He's ambitious if nothing else

I met with Nick the other week in Thunder Bay and we briefly mapped out a quick to do list. He told me about his plan to ski the MacKenzie River in 2009 on his Bearing North expedition www.bearing-north.com As we talked, Nick seemed to have more ideas and insight for me than I of him.

It will be interesting to see who learns more over the next months.
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