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03 December 2007 | Cedarburg, Wisc.
Back from England, then to Washington DC, up to Grand Marais for a day, on to Bayfield, Wisconsin then Thanksgiving with relatives in southern Wisconsin (and still here). This is all exciting stuff, dear reader, but then again how would you know? Once again, I've kept you out of the loop.

Flash back to the beginning of November. I was in England having just left Keswick after spending the weekend with Mark Wood (North Pole team member for 2010). The next stop was a brief stint in Manchester then onto Cambridge. There, we visited the Scott Polar Institute in Cambridge. Amazing to see some of the actual gear and equipment taken on the expeditions of my past heroes. More amazing was to see the how gear has changed over the years. Of course, much is still the same. After all, a sled is still a sled.

Next stop, Washington DC. Amazing and incredible. I attended an event to celebrate some of this past year's greatest adventurers. Noticeably under dressed, I managed to hold my own in a crowd that consisted of my present day polar heroes Will Steger and Borge Ousland. The list of other adventurers in attendance was equally impressive; however, I am done name dropping for the moment. Instead I'll finish with an overview of the free app's and bevy's...

What else can I say, are free food and drinks ever bad?

My roommate in Grand Marais send me a text the other day asking if I needed directions back home seeing as how I hadn't been there in so long. Smart Alec!?!

Other news from home in northern Minnesota: 22 inches of new snow. How cool is that! 22 inches. Only one small problem: I am in Cedarburg, Wisconsin - staying with my family. But the countdown has begun. I'll be making snow angels in one week. And believe me, I will keep you posted on that exciting news.

This just in from my professional (if you can call it that) life is the fact that www.savethepoles.com is online. If you want to congratulate someone make sure it goes to Tim Harincar, mastermind behind x-journal, sail blogs, x-plot and a few other web based applications that I couldn't even explain here if I wanted to.

Lastly an extra special thanks have to go out to Elizabeth Harincar, the self appointed web updating thorn in my side. Where would I be without you? Still in August I can only assume.

Oh yea, in lieu of not taking any pictures in the past few weeks, I thought I'd post a cool shot of pancake ice on Lake Superior.
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