Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
Kayaks to Energy Fair
sunny and 80 degrees F
25 June 2007 | Onekama, Mich
Would it surprise you if I said I was on the road again? How about the sea? Don't let the kayaks fool you. My experiences lately just seem to be getting weirder and weirder.

Wednesday night, after a lecture at Woodland Dunes Nature Center in Manitowoc, Wisc., I boarded a ferry to cross Lake Michigan for another presentation. The ride has to be one of the more bizarre events I've experienced as of late. The boat is huge with the ability to carry trucks and cars and a whole crew dressed up as pirates. Don't ask. It also seemed odd that a car ferry should have a cruise director.

The good news: I was on the midnight run and managed to catch an hour of fitful sleep curled up on a metal bench. The bad news: the way back I was on the morning run and the crew decided to play bingo, make balloon animals and I don't even know what else. Still, I managed to make it back to Cedarburg and my parent's where I am now engaged in a little painting project - their house.

Oh yea, the kayaks are from the Inland Sea Society's kayak symposium. It was a fun event on the south shore of Lake Superior.

Next step on Eric Larsen's adventurous extravaganza of oddities and unrealities: a trip to Canada to pick up a potential north pole expedition partner, Mark Wood.
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