Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
Before I Go
Eric Larsen
22 June 2020 | Crested Butte, Colorado
I'm writing a blog post which means I must be heading out on another adventure, which I am. There are things that I am good at and there are things that are more... challenging for me. Let's just say writing updates when I'm not on the trail becomes less of a priority.

Regardless, I do feel that writing about much of anything I do seems truly unimportant right now. It just doesn't seem right to post about some random privileged trip when so many black people and people of color are reeling from the direct and indirect effects of racism. I also want to move forward and continue with my own personal passions as well and sharing them with others. But honestly, it feels selfish. It's hard to square these bigger social justice issues with scenic frozen vistas and random expeditions. I've realized I don't know a lot of things about racism. Living in a small town in the mountains of Colorado, it isn't easy to see how all this is playing out. Here, we are so far removed from the bigger protests that it feels like we are living in a bubble on an island. However, I want to help and I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to better understand how my actions, despite my best intentions, impact others. I want people to know that black lives matter. But I also don't think that's enough and I want to do more.

I wanted to say these things before I go. Before I head out on another (completely random and insignificant) adventure. I wanted to say these things so that you know how I feel.

I also know that sharing my thoughts and insights from any of my adventures is privileged. But I am hopeful that my thoughts and insights still have value. Not in any big way, but in a way that doing these things (adventures) and writing about them is part of who I am.

Side note: I am trying to find a transition here to talk about my KansATHON adventure starting tomorrow but there isn't any good way to leave these important conversations and start another.

Just know that I am leaving for Kansas tomorrow and I will be biking, hiking and paddling across the entire state - around 450 miles. I'll be writing updates and posting to social media about my adventure so I hope you'll follow along. Like the other states in my United States of Adventure project, it will be fun and challenging and I am excited to experience another 'backyard' adventure.

But more importantly, I will not simply just 'move on'.
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