Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
Day 8: Level 1 Polar Training
22 January 2020 | Lake of the Woods
We woke up to three inches of new snow covering the tent and our sleds. With the temperature outside hovering around 14 degrees Fahrenheit, it felt like a summer's day compared to the cold we had experienced just two days ago. Inside the tent it was so warm that the morning's frost melted on our sleeping bags as we brushed it off the tent walls and ceiling. I've always said that I prefer 30 below to 30 above. When the temperatures get near freezing it becomes more and more difficult to stay dry.

I had hoped to get a few drone shots of the group before heading in, but as we packed up, it began snowing again and visibility dropped. Instead, we took a few group shots and skied one last time to our take out at Doc's Harbor Inn on the Warroad River. The new snow was slow so I scootched over to a relatively new snowmobile track. Normally, I don't like skiing in any kind of tracks, but I could see the finish line and the end of the trip for me means more work (sorting and drying gear) and not less.

In no time, we were at Doc's and packing up our gear. Phil, Gus, Jason and Nathan all went out to lunch with a couple of local reporters who were interested in our story and the type of training we were doing on Lake of the Woods. For my part, I dove right into gear prep and organization for next year.

I can't wait to come back. January 9-16, 2021. See you there :)

Image: Skiing under the train bridge on the Warroad River
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