Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
Happy Thanksgiving
Eric Larsen
22 November 2018 | Antarctica
This is the fifth Thanksgiving that I've been in Antarctica and I really miss Maria and the kids. Luckily, I was able to exchange a few Garmin inReach messages but (obviously) its not the same as being there.

I love the holiday of Thanksgiving, too. I like the idea of being with friends and family and simply enjoying each other's company.

In the past however, I've been on an actual expedition so it's been not quite as harsh eating in the dining tent at Union Glacier. Still skiing along in a whiteout isn't quite the same as playing with my kids.

The weather here continues to be less than ideal, but makes little difference for me. I just keep skiing the 10 k loop and trying to focus on my upcoming expedition.

I'm nervous. Not about the weather or terrain, but the physical and mental aspects of pushing myself for so long. I have a good plan but anything can happen out there... and if I encounter as much soft snow as there is here in Union Glacier, it will not be good.

But there is nothing that I can do about that right now. So here I sit in my tent. Thinking about home while trying to stay focused on Antarctica.
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