Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
Polar Training - Day 8
Eric Larsen
22 January 2018 | Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba
And that's a wrap! It's been a great week on Lake Winnipeg during this year's Level 1 Polar Training. I have to say, I LOVE Lake Winnipeg in Winter. It's like Antarctica and the Arctic met, fell and love and had an icy baby. OK maybe not, but still... it's a little like that.

Personally, I'm in logistics mode which basically means cleaning and sorting gear, then moving all those gear piles from one place to another. By tomorrow at this time, I will hopefully be in Colorado. I like the ice, but it's always hard to be away from Maria and the kids. I'm also excited for Outdoor Retailer, the big national outdoor gear trade show which begins at the end of next week. This is the first time the expo will be in Colorado.

I wrote a note to all of my clients who are now all heading back (to the various corners of the world from which they came) and I wanted to share it with you.

Here it goes:

By now you are all showered and have had a night in a comfortable bed. While it is nice to be clean (not really), I always find the end of any adventure a little bit sad. On the ice everything, we do has immediate consequences and to live in direct contact with nature and the elements day after day after day is something that, I feel, is often missing in our normal lives. I hope that you take pieces of this experience with you as you move through your daily lives.

The friendships built from intense shared experiences are long lasting and I plan to keep in touch with all of you move forward from this point. Please feel free - at any point - to reach out with any additional questions or ideas.

Thank you again for making this week such an incredible time. I'm not a huge fan of good bye. Instead, I prefer, 'until next time...'

Think Snow!

Image: The 2018 Polar Training team
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