Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
Day 6. Sun and Snow
Eric Larsen
18 January 2018 | Flattops Wilderness, Colorado
We woke up to a brisk wind and clouds speeding past. A weather check on the Garmin inReach revealed a chance of snow around six o'clock. We hustled to eat breakfast and get on the trail.

After winding through the woods for a while, we emerged into a huge alpine field easily 10 football fields across. Surrounding the open areas were thick pine trees. Both sights were a stark contrast to yesterday's burned area. We stopped to film in a few locations as the scenery was so stunning. We all remarked how we had never expected to this area to be so incredible.

Throughout the day, we passed several elk hunters. A few groups were on horses and we asked one of the guides, Josh, if we could interview him. Like many of the other people we have talked to about our adventure, Josh said that people are an important part of an adventure.

We haven't seen that many people but most have been surprised when we mention that we started in Nebraska.

Eventually, we followed a trail to a long canyon. Immediately, it felt like a different place. The soil was dry and sage brush lined the trail.

Once again, we pushed farther in the dark to make up time but our trail disappeared and the steady drizzle turned to snow. We decided to set up camp where I am now writing this.
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