Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
Nice Ice
overcast, whiteout, 10 F
06 March 2013 | Lake Winnipeg
We are at that point in our training expedition where nearly everything has become routine. While we may not be setting (or even trying to set) records for distance traveled, we have been making steady progress over the last week.

It is hard work being out here and we are tired. Of course, the extra 50 pounds of firewood we've been hauling around hasn't made it any easier, but hey - it's a training trip after all. And for Iona, it will only get harder as Antarctica and a South Pole expedition are next on her 'to do' list.

It has been fun to learn more about China. Today, she told me about politics, Tibet, education and more. Besides all the snow and ice, one of the main reasons I love what I do so much is that I get to meet interesting people from around the world.

A light snow brought somewhat milder conditions and we skied through one shift after the next relatively effortlessly. Despite being mostly whiteout conditions, we were able to make good time as we are finally close enough to land to have some semblance of a reference point.

Gear-wise, we haven't had any problems which isn't necessarily that remarkable unless you consider that most of my gear has already been to Antarctica this year. My Ergodyne 813 fleece gloves are by far the best fleece gloves I've ever owned. Normally, the fingers are the first to wear out, but these are reinforced and are still going strong!

The sky finally cleared and the sun came out near the end of the day. After camp was pitched, we watched a tangerine orange sun melt into the snowy distance. Eventually, it disappeared and filled the sky with bright pinks, reds and more orange. We wanted to watch longer and see what might happen next, but it was cold and the long day left us tired and ready for dinner and sleep.

Image: My Madshus skis on Lake Winnipeg ice... You know, for Ice Photo Wednesday.
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