Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
Test from Roadpost Iridium sat phone
tim harincar
01 December 2012
This is Tim, the comms tech and web guy working with Eric on the cycle south expedition. This weekend I'm working though getting Eric's satellite phone and data connection from Roadpost all set up and configured, as well as developing efficient procedures for doing updates. Right now I'm using an iPhone connected to an iridium 9555 sat phone via the axcesspoint wi-fi hot spot.

I'm also testing some photo management apps for preprocessing pictures before upload. Because of the slow connection speeds, even small photos can take many minutes to upload. Part of what I'm identifying is a good balance between image size, quality, and upload times.

The attached photo is of the moonlander up in Churchill on our training mission. I chose this photo because visually the antarctica pics will be similar and they will compress in a similar manner.

I have also been working on setting up procedures for managing the deLorme inReach unit for sending short messages and tracking Eric as he rides.

And finally I've done some baseline measurements of how long it takes to charge our devices with the goal zero solar kit.

I'll chime in with another update once all our procedures and gear are set with the actual piece. Going to the ice.
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