Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
Day 7: One Degree Down
suny, 10 knot winds, cold, -22 C -40 w/wind
24 November 2009 | Antarctica
Thee clouds, calm and almost humid warmth gave way into a clear and cold morning. 20 minutes into the day, my hands felt like icey blocks. I tried the usual tricks: lowering my hands below my waist, pulling my fingers into the palm of my gloves, making a fist 50 or 60 times. Nothing worked.

There are basically three ways to get warm here: eat, move or put on more clothes.

Eventually, I would add another layer of Terramar tx2, switch gloves and pick up my pace, but for over an hour I was down right cold. I had to laugh because I knew at some point (later in the day) I would be hot, skiing with my gloves off and jacket open.

Dong and Bill continue to be excellent teammates. With the entire crew navigating now, I feel less and less like a guide and more like a team member.

While cold, conditions are perfect. We experienced some minor sastrugi at the base of a moderate climb, then mostly flat snow. The flattest I've seen in Antarctica. We are excited about making '81' as well.

Dong's optiimism and positive attitude continue to make Bill and I smile. He is becoming the philosoper and poet of the trip. 'this view... Priceless,' Dong commented at one break. Then falling into simile, 'I feel like a boxer.' Noting how are our big Sierra Designs down jackets resemble a boxer's robe.

Image: Eric keeping the frost at bay.

Remember, it's cool to be cold. Save the Poles. Save the planet.

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