Borealis Paddling Expedition
The Borealis Paddling Expedition is a canoe trip consisting of 5 women who will paddle through the Boreal Forest, Tundra and Arctic wilderness.
Ice on Wollaston Lake
06/01/2005, Wollaston Lake

It's day five and we are still on Wollaston Lake. The lake is still choked with ice. At some places we can paddle easily while at others it means dragging our boats up over the ice that is pushed up on the shore. But we are always within 10 meters of the shoreline. I think that we may be the first group in history to trace the entire western shoreline of Wollaston Lake. But the lake is beautiful and we expected to deal with ice.

The weather since day two has been amazing. It is sunny and incredibly warm for this time of year up here, and it feels so good to be back on trail. If we are able to continue traveling as we are, we will be able to get off the lake fairly soon. All of this dragging and chopping through ice is hard on our equipment, but our Bell Alaskan canoes and our Bending Branches Expedition Plus paddles have worked phenomenally well as both bobsleds and ice picks, taking the abuse in stride... and we are so very thankful for it.

Last night we camped on a beautiful beach and saw wolf tracks, though no wolf. My only regret so far is that I am trying to give up coffee for this entire trip. I think I may give in tomorrow. Nothing feels as good as a cup of coffee in the morning.

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Who: Meg, Nina, Beth, Karen and Emily
Where: Camp Manito-wish YMCA
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