The Voyage: Roz Savage
Rowing for Green Energy
31 Oct 2008, Sausalito, California

The environmental message for Stage One of my row, which took me from San Francisco to Hawaii, skirting the North Pacific Garbage Patch, was about reducing, re-using and recycling plastic, to stop any more plastic pollution getting into the ocean. I urged people to use reusable grocery bags, coffee mugs and water bottles.

Stage Two, which launches in May next year and will take me across the Equator and into the South Pacific, will be all about green energy and going carbon neutral. I will be working with various companies and organizations to make it fun for people to reduce their carbon footprint by using more environmentally friendly forms of transport and switching to greener, cleaner, energy sources.

What does this have to do with the oceans? You may be wondering. Well, I'd still be saying the same things even if it had nothing to do with oceans - all the aspects of our environment are interconnected; air, land and sea - but as it happens there is a strong connection between carbon dioxide emissions and the health of our marine world.

And see this website for more over the coming months about the facts, the science - but most importantly what we as individuals can do to help.

If we pull together, we CAN make a world of difference!

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Compass Rose
25 Oct 2008, Portland, OR

A friend sent me this quote from a book, and I loved it so much, I just had to share it with you.

If I wanted to be free, truly free, I had to choose. There were many points on the compass rose; I had to locate the few that were meant for me. Not any destination picked at random or reached by happenstance would do. I had to head for those that summoned me with a passion, for they were the ones that gave meaning to my life. I had to ignore the warnings of friends, the cautious ones who would tell me why I couldn't do what I wanted to do - and why.,/i>

Richard Bode, First You Have to Row a Little Boat

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The Soul of the Sea
20 Oct 2008

Yesterday we held an invitation-only fundraiser event in Woodside, California, at the home of Carol Mone and Roger Choplin. Thanks to our generous hosts for a memorable afternoon - and thanks to all the guests for coming along.

Carol and Roger's son, Jacob, put together an impressive technological show - guests could click on any of my YouTube videos to watch them on the huge home theatre screen. We handed out brochures and pledge cards, and Bill Chayes (documentary producer) and I both stood to say a few words.

And we were entertained by Eric Beattie - neuroscientist and amateur musician with the Party Ants, with a song written specially for the occasion. It is rather special, so I thought I'd like to share it with you. See the bottom of this blog.

I'd like to create a "party pack", as I often receive offers from people wanting to host an event to raise funds for my mission and my message. It would include brochures, pledge cards, video DVDs and reusable grocery bags.

And if I was unable to be there in person, we would set up a video link via Skype or similar, so that I could speak live to the assembled group and take questions.

Event organizers would need to cover the up-front costs of the materials, but could then reclaim this from the proceeds of the event.

If you would be interested in hosting such an event, please write to me using the contact form on this website.

Now, for the song...

The Soul Of The Sea
Eric Beattie 10/19/2008

Red sun over waters shine,
was that a voice or just a trick of the mind?
or call from the soul of the sea?
"won't you please be good to me?"

White foam crashing on the sand
some hear the voice and they make stand
speaking out for the soul of the sea
calling out "won't you row along with me?"

Rising, come along with me
Rising, pull along with me,
Rising, row along with me
And together we're the soul of the sea!

Deep blue rolled big today
and the brave still work the waves
pulling strong for the soul of the sea
sing a song for the soul of the sea.

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Growing Bolder/Growing Older
20 Oct 2008

As I fast approach the grand old age of 41, rather than worrying about growing older I prefer to focus on growing.

But growing bolder is another way of looking at it, and also happens to be the name of a Florida radio show that interviewed me last week. I had great fun doing the interview - they asked some great questions - and I thought you might enjoy sharing it too.

You can click here to hear the interview, including my thoughts on the meaning of life, the universe, and everything!

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