The Voyage: Roz Savage
Day 10: 40 Knots
Roz and Rita Savage
22 Aug 2007, Pacific Ocean

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Keeping Going!
Rita Savage
21 Aug 2007

Today's photograph was taken by Wayne aboard USS Momsen - grateful thanks to him. There are two more in the Gallery album entitled Pictures, Pacific Row.

Looking at Track, we can see that Roz is continuing to move south and slightly west, which is good news. With so many sending out positive vibes, good wishes and prayers, she is making progress. Most encouraging to read messages from so many parts of the globe!

(Picture: Photographer photographed.)

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Day 9: Locked in Battle
Roz Savage
20 Aug 2007, The Brocade

The weather and I seem to be locked in a bizarre kind of tug-of-war. I make some progress away from the coast, then the weather comes and blows me backwards. I laboriously claw back the ground I lost, then the weather comes along again and shows me who's boss. It is now over a week since I left from Point St George, and I am still not out of sight of land.

Today was a good day - a gentle day of long, lazy ocean swells and light winds. The cupwheels on my wind instruments spun slowly as I paddled along listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. So it was with a sense of indignation and incredulity that I heard the forecast for tomorrow when I rang Rick my weather guy this afternoon. Take a look at the Weather tab on this website to see what he had in store for me.

But he's usually right, and towards nightfall the wind was already starting to build. As I got ready to retire for the night I was extra-careful to make sure that I was ready for whatever may develop over the next few hours. Shutting up shop for the night is quite a time-consuming routine - stow oars in their Quickfist grips, remove pad from rowing seat and place inside cabin, stow anything that could get swept away by waves (drinks bottles etc), put sea anchor out (quite a task in itself, involving the chute, floats, various clips and carabiners, and ridiculous amounts of line), put navigation light on, bid goodnight to Wilson and clamber into the hobbit hole, securing the hatch firmly behind me.

So now here I am, hunkered down in the hobbit hole, tapping away on my laptop. I've got a few data downloads still to do, before crawling into my sleeping bag and trying to get some sleep. If the forecast is right it could be a fairly rough night.

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Day 8: What Was I Thinking?
Roz Savage
19 Aug 2007, The Brocade

Yes, it's reached that stage of the expedition, when I'm wondering why on earth I'm here, bobbing around in a tippy little rowboat perilously close to the California coast, when I could be leading a nice, normal kind of a life somewhere in suburbia.

Today has not been a pleasant day. The winds started to pick up last night as a weather front came through, and by this morning were blowing 20-25 knots - in the wrong direction, of course. I don't mind the rough conditions too much - I coped with much worse on the Atlantic - but a helpful shove in the right direction would have been very welcome. As it was, it was better to put out the sea anchor to try and reduce my backwards drift, rather than try to row into the teeth of the headwind and 12 foot swells.

So I have spent most of the day on my bunk, the least uncomfortable place to be, with only occasional forays outside to check on things. The boat has been pitching around and the deck was awash with seawater. It has rained most of the day and even now it is overcast and gloomy. Inside the cabin it is increasingly damp and I feel rather queasy from surviving on snack foods all day - it has been too rough to use the Seacook gas stove out on the deck to cook a proper meal.

It has been frustrating to watch the hard-won miles ebb away as I drift back east, but my main concern has been whether I would run aground. This put all other concerns aside. It is still far from certain whether I will manage to get away from the coast again. And it was all looking so good a few days ago.

My weather guy tells me that the weather this year has been 'goofy' - usually we'd expect to see winds coming much more from the north. My sense of humour is wearing thin, so I wish the weather would stop goofing around and get back to normal. Now.

[photo: confined to quarters, but still smiling - just]

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