The Voyage: Roz Savage
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
09 Jul 2007, Woodside, California

My Mac has now been restored to health. Karl, my Mac guy, didn't get much sleep over the weekend, but I now have a fully functioning laptop that also runs Windows, using the Bootcamp application, in case my PC (which is due to be fixed today) expires on the ocean.

I spent yesterday morning packing up the cottage where I have been based on-and-off for the last 12 months, and yesterday afternoon packing the boat where I will be based non-stop for the next 3 months. A couple of friends helped me pack industrial quantities of LaraBars, nuts, and freeze-dried meals.

So good progress was being made. But this morning, another setback. I need some extra handles for the two cabin hatches, as the "door" to the forward cabin, especially, leaked like a sieve on the Atlantic, so I had inches of water swilling around the cabin floor. Not good.

But my hatches seem to be imposters. They claim to be Plastimo, but today I got this email from the American agent:

"Below are the responses I received from Plastimo in France and Goiot. They both claim they do not know what brand or type of hatch you have. According to my manager, she thinks Plastimo might have carried a line of hatches close to 20 years ago. From the reply I received from Plastimo, it sounds like it has been so long, that they do not carry them any more or any parts for them. There might be someone that can make the handles for you, but I am sorry our company can't help you with this."

So we'll just have to make our own - but it all takes time, and time is something that is rapidly running out for this present window of calm weather.

[photo: this is what three months' supply of LaraBars looks like...]

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Bad Tech Day
08 Jul 2007, Woodside, CA

Who invented that sensor, apparently present in all computers, that just KNOWS when you don't have the time for any nonsense - and picks that precise moment to let you down?

With the clock ticking for my departure - before the weather window closes next Thursday night - I really didn't need techno-hassles. Yesterday, we tested my laptop PC with the OmegaWave physiological testing unit, the Davis weather station, and the satphone. All worked perfectly.

Today, the PC crashed. Terminally. The setup disk is required to fix it, and because I was given the Toughbook by a supporter, I don't have the setup disk. I can get it, but not until Monday.

So, I thought to myself, this is a good lesson to learn. The PC cannot be trusted. So therefore I should make sure that my trusty Mac can do all the things the PC does, in case the PC fails.

So Karl, my tech guy, starts setting up the MacBook so it can run Windows. And it, too, fails - requiring a total rebuild.

To lose one laptop in a day may be regarded as unfortunate, to lose two starts looking downright irritating.

But I am remaining zen about the whole fiasco. It is good that we are encountering these problems now, so I will go out to sea with two newly cleansed, refreshed computers. Or on the other hand maybe I should go out with no computers at all, and thereby avoid any future frustrations. But that would be a shame, because I have put so much effort into obtaining all this fun gadgetry that will hopefully help bring my voyage alive for people too sensible to leave the safety of shore. I have faith that we will prevail over the gremlins, and get all this working in time.

Whether we manage to get the truly vital things working in time is another matter. Computers are a way distant priority behind steering system, watermaker, and watertight hatches - just a few of the other things still to be done. But I am zen about this too. I will go when I am good and ready, and not a moment before.

[photo: with this much technology on board, what could possibly go wrong...??!!]

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07 Jul 2007

If you are trying to call in for the BlogTalkRadio Q&A podcast, unfortunately it seems that the system has rescheduled us from 9am to 9.30. So please try again in half an hour!

This is rather inconvenient for all concerned - I need to get back to the hangar to carry on working on my boat, but have to stay by a land line for the podcast. Apparently this happens quite often with these prescheduled podcasts. The system doesn't like half-hours.

But it could be worse - this would be a lot more inconvenient if I were in mid-ocean, hanging on the line at $1.50 a minute!

While you're waiting, maybe you'd like to watch again my appearance on the CBS Early Show - see blog below. And there are videos of my Atlantic row available too - click here to view on YouTube.

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CBS Early Show: Extreme Trans Atlantic Rower
07 Jul 2007

If you missed my slot on "Keoghan's Heroes" on the Early Show last Monday, click here to see it on YouTube.

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