The Voyage: Roz Savage
Dial-In Interview/Podcast
05 Jul 2007

On Saturday, July 7, you will have the chance to dial in and ask me questions "live" on air, in an interview that will then appear as a podcast on my website. Or, if you're shy, you can just listen in while we record it. Or, if you're shy AND busy at that time, you can listen to it once it's published to the site.

To dial in with your questions, call (646) 652-2542 if you're in the US, or +1 646 652 2542 from outside the US. The moderator, Laurie King, will choose which callers get through.

To listen in, click on this link.

The call-in number is also listed on this site, where it says "Dial In Number" in the upper left part of the web page. The same link will take you to the archived show after we have recorded it.

This is all a bit experimental at this stage, but if it works well we plan to repeat the process while I am out on the Pacific. Your participation in this experiment would be most welcome, so we can iron out any glitches before I start rowing.

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Fourth of July
04 Jul 2007, Ottawa, Canada

It is not a good day to be a British ocean rower about to embark on a Pacific row. It seems the entire US of A is too busy celebrating their independence from Britain in 1776 to help a modern-day Brit to get away from their shores. My last-minute shopping - for bilge pump, extra hatch handles, jerky, and sundry other items - will have to wait.

It is probably also the worst day I could have chosen to be flying back into the US from Canada, where I've been in exile on a last-minute dash to get a visa (click here for the full story) - airport security is possibly going to be more over-the-top than ever. Ocean rowing may have many drawbacks as a means of transport, but at least I don't have to endure security checks...

By the way, a big hello to all the new people who have been subscribing to my blog since Monday's appearance on the CBS Early Show. I will try to keep you entertained, enlightened and inspired over the months ahead. Welcome aboard!

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National Public Radio Interview
03 Jul 2007, Ottawa, Canada

A few weeks ago, as I was towing my boat from Washington State to Colorado, I did an interview in Salt Lake City that has since been broadcast on NPR.

Click here to listen to the 4-minute feature.

And yesterday I was on the CBS Early Show. I didn't see it, as I'm still in Canada, but it seems to have generated a lot of website traffic and some fantastic messages of encouragement.

And boy, am I going to need that moral support. I have just one week now before I go on standby to depart. I had secretly hoped the weather might force a slight delay to give me more time to get ready, but at the moment it looks as if I may launch on July 11, as scheduled.

And still SO much to do! But I know it will all come together in time - with a lot of determination, hard work, and eternal optimism...

Click here to find out more about the factors that will affect my departure date.

[photo: filming with Phil Keoghan of CBS - with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. This is where it will all start - and maybe soon]

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Departure Date Draws Near
Rita Savage
02 Jul 2007, Leeds, West Yorkshire

In 2005 before Roz set out to row the Atlantic Ocean, I was able to spend two weeks with her in La Gomera, helping with preparations. I feel a bit helpless now, being so far away from San Francisco. I wonder whether she has remembered to fill her water ballast bottles? Where has she stowed her favourite snacks? And so it goes on . . . .

There are tasks that I can do for her though - dealing with her mail, relaying messages - as indeed I will be continuing to do while she is at sea. One recent letter was from an organisation in the UK called "Women of the Year". For over 50 years the annual lunch has brought together outstanding women from all walks of life. Each guest has to be individually nominated by their Council, and is considered a 'woman of the year' because of a special contribution to society or the workplace. Roz has been nominated as a woman of achievement. Further information is available on their website:

I have watched the video on their site of the awards given in 2006 and what those award-winners have done is truly AWESOME.

Roz and I both hope that she will be able to attend the lunch, which is in the middle of October. It all depends on the winds and the waves of the Pacific allowing her to reach Hawaii in good time.

Meanwhile people here stop me and ask where she is now, when is she departing, or remark about having seen us on TV in March.

As a proud mother, I anxiously watch and wait!

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