The Voyage: Roz Savage
New Radio Interviews
12 Jun 2007, Woodside, California

A couple of recent radio interviews have now been added to my Gallery - check them out here.

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Powerful Video
11 Jun 2007, Woodside, California

I highly recommend this video, presenting a knockout argument on climate change.

Meanwhile, I've got the weather on my mind in a much more mundane way - trying to ensure that my getaway from the California coast is as safe as possible, and trying to avoid the fate of Erden Eruc. [Has he got away yet? No update on his website.]

I've been talking with various local experts:
Gordy Nash, sailor, boat designer and former open water rower - expert on local tides and weather conditions
Bob Roper - open water swimmer and coach, expert on local weather and safety procedures
Jeffrey Paduan - oceanographer, expert on Californian currents
Plus of course my guys at the Royal Navy, who will be providing my weather forecasts for me while I am on the Pacific.

I am tracking weather patterns from now until my departure. I'll be on standby from 9th July onwards, waiting for the optimum moment to depart. The first 200 miles will be nerve-wracking - after that I can relax. Or as much as it's possible to relax while rowing 8 hours a day.

New web pages coming soon, with lots of info about my departure plan, intended route, and safety measures. Keep watching!

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River of Rubbish
10 Jun 2007, Woodside, California

This is what we are fighting - rivers flow into oceans, and there the rubbish remains until it biodegrades or, in the case of plastic, doesn't. With plastic, it just builds up and builds up - until maybe one day our oceans will look as bad as these rivers. Let's hope not - let's hope people take note and take action.

Click here for the full story.

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Leaving Land: Not As Easy As It Sounds
09 Jun 2007, Woodside, California

I was hoping that Erden Eruc would be able to show me how it's done - leaving San Francisco by rowboat. But unfortunately his first attempt ended in a rescue by the US Coast Guard - see Erden's dispatch for full details.

Thank you, Erden, for the very informative account - this was a great help (and a Type-4 Coast Guard Approved Flotation Device has now been added to my shopping list. I have no idea who is going to throw it to me if I go overboard, but if it keeps the USCG happy, then I'm willing to buy one).

The problem is, what would I do any differently? It sounds as if the 20 knot onshore wind had not been accurately forecast, so it seems that Erden did everything right, and yet still could not get safely away from the coastline.

It will be largely a question of luck - whether the elements conspire to help or hinder me as I depart - but I am doing my best to manage my luck by consulting as many local experts as I can find.

[photo: courtesy of Erden Eruc]

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