The Voyage: Roz Savage
5 States In One Day
02 Apr 2007, Van, near Dallas, Texas

This morning we hit the road at 5.45am (yeah, thanks Suzy, great idea, who needs sleep anyway...) and by breakfast we had passed through a huge thunderstorm and 4 states - Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. We drove into New Orleans around 10am, past buildings still showing signs of Katrina's devastation, and miraculously managed to find a 50-foot-long parking space on the edge of the picturesque French Quarter.

After a quick gumbo breakfast and a look around Bourbon Street we hit the road again and headed west once more.

We are now in the second largest state in the US (Alaska being the first), just outside of Dallas. Texas, according to my road atlas, has a population of 21 million and covers an area of 266,807 square miles. Incredible to think that the North Pacific Garbage Patch is alleged to be about the same size.

[Photo: Suzy catching up on calls over breakfast in Nawlins]

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Go West
01 Apr 2007, Pensacola, Florida

Now we are four. Quackers the truck, Sedna the Boat, Suzy the (Kilimanjaro-climbing) friend and I are en route to San Francisco from Tampa - a distance almost equivalent to this summer's row from San Francisco to Hawaii. That journey will (weather permitting) take me around 75 days. This journey will, I hope, take no more than 7, so we should be on the West Coast by Saturday night.

The upgraded trailer is performing just great so far - not a wobble or a wiggle - so there is a good chance that after all her adventures Sedna will make it safely to Frisco without flying off her trailer and skidding along the freeway - my vivid but hopefully far-fetched nightmare.

[photo: L to R - Suzy, Quackers and me - Sedna hidden behind]

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Leaving Florida
01 Apr 2007, Tampa, Florida

I have done four presentations in the last week, and am starting to really get the hang of it. Last night's event at the Davis Island Yacht Club was one of my best to date, and I was immensely flattered to receive a standing ovation. I was also awarded with a framed declaration from the US Rowing Association, recognizing my 'achievements' - I think I might show it to the Leander Club (mischievous wink...).

Now it is time to stop the talking and start driving once again. Today Sedna and I leave Tampa to start driving westwards towards San Francisco.

I've made a lot of friends during my brief time in Florida, and am already looking forward to coming back here again. So much world, and so little time...

[Photo: Sedna leaving the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa]

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Trailer Saviours
30 Mar 2007, Tampa, Florida

A huge thank you to Nick and all the guys at Continental Trailers, who donated a day's work and assorted spare parts to get Sedna's trailer roadworthy in time for her trip across the States from east coast to west, and thank you to George Knutsson for co-ordinating this magnificent and generous effort.

The trailer had been bought on my behalf in Antigua at extortionate cost, but was not well-suited to its purpose. Sedna did not sit squarely on the supports and had shifted in transit between Miami and here, the lights didn't work properly, and the wheelguards had been removed so a stone could have flicked up at the hull and damaged it. All these faults have now been rectified, plus a few other enhancements besides, so Sedna now sits rock-solid and safe.

Yet again I am hugely indebted to people I've never even met, but without whose generosity and kindness I couldn't even attempt to do what I do. And yet again Sedna gets to go places and meet people that I've never seen...

[Photo: the Continental Trailers guys with Sedna]

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