The Voyage: Roz Savage
Gone Motoring
04 Dec 2006, between La Cruz and the Santa Marieta Islands, Mexico

We've spent the day motor-sailing very sedately over to the booby-haven islands about 12 miles from La Cruz. I wish our slow pace was because we're so chilled out, but in fact it's because the wind is almost non-existent, and our depleted electronics will only allow us to run on one engine rather than two.

Still, it was a worthwhile journey - fun to scramble up the rocks to see booby birds of various stages of maturity and various colours of feet - red, yellow and blue.

Man, this pace is so slooooww. But still twice as fast as I went in my rowboat, with a lot more miles to cover. The ocean certainly does teach patience.

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Gone Sailing
03 Dec 2006, La CRuz

Most of Jangada's electrics are still not working. We managed to scavenge a depth sounder and a VHF radio, but still have no autopilot, wind instruments or refrigerator. But we'd had enough of hanging out in 'Paradise Village' ('they paved paradise, and put up a parking lot'...) so we cast off the mooring lines and took our lightning-damaged craft on a little jaunt up the coast to La Cruz. As we left Nuevo Vallarta a whale spouted and showed off his huge tail fluke a few hundred feet away. Birds flew in single line formation low over the waves. The sun shone. It felt good to be out on the water. This is, after all, what we came here for, not to spend day after day messing around with melted marine electronics.

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Sedna Still Sunning
01 Dec 2006, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Today was my ocean rowboat Sedna's anticipated arrival date in Miami. I rang the handling agents to find out if she had indeed arrived.

The first time I tried the entire department was out to lunch. The second time I tried I got through to someone who didn't know how to use her computer screen. The third time I found someone who could tell me something, although not necessarily the thing I wanted to hear...

Sedna is still gadding about in the Caribbean, most likely Trinidad, although who knows. Her ETA in Miami is now 11th December. I am so glad that circumstances conspired to prevent me being there waiting for her. She is already 4 weeks overdue, and 10 days still to go. At least. I would have been going crazy. And broke.

Why does EVERYTHING involving boats take so much longer than expected? Speaking of which, we went into town to try and buy replacements for Jangada's lightning-fried electronics today. But it's some random Mexican bank holiday, that happens once every six years, to hand over the reins of power to the new president. Great.

[Photo: the last time I saw Sedna, in Hugh Bailey's boatyard in Antigua]

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Dorito Debris
01 Dec 2006, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Steve Roberts sent me this story today - a container-load of Doritos washed up on a beach in North Carolina. Two thoughts occur to me:

1. I am glad that these plastics washed up on shore before they could kill any marine life. There is far too much plastic contaminating the world's oceans already.

2. I am hoping that the container carrying Sedna did not suffer a similar fate...

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